Obesity / Type 2 Diabetes

| May 19, 2015

The public health and social cost of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases continues to grow alarmingly.

Researchers have identified a gene using a knock out mouse model system that appears to regulate weight gain.  Mice on high fat diets who do not have the gene do not gain weight or have as much body fat or fatty deposits in their liver as their wild type littermates, despite eating the same amount of food.  Mice without the gene also have the same tolerance to glucose and show similar insulin production profiles as do wild types.

Regulating the activity of this gene has the potential to help people at risk of obesity or Type 2 Diabetes or who may have these conditions.

Yet to establish patent protection.

This project requires you to write a commercialisation Plan (of about 20 pages excluding appendices) for a particular service or product.

The Project: The aim of the project is for you to develop a commercialisation plan that would serve as a roadmap to management to take a new service or product to the market successfully. You would be assigned real life technologies from FP. FP is the commercialisation unit of Flinders University that actually commercialises research and technologies from Flinders University to the market (See website http://www.flinderspartners.com/afp_team.html).

Project Structure: First, you should explain the benefits and value to be derived from the idea/service. You should then provide a critique on the level of innovation management in effectively commercializing the product or technology or service based on the areas taught in class. At the end of the report, you should provide recommendations to key stakeholders such as venture capitalists and the management team of FP on the future steps in effectively commercialising the new service/product.

The project can include the following sections. However, you could deviate from this structure as you deem appropriate for your particular project. The report should be about 20 pages. Each section should be led by a particular manager. This would give everyone in the group the opportunity to develop their leadership and creativity skills. It would also ensure accountability, equitable distribution of work and responsibility for each section of the project.

1.    Introduction / Industry background (CEO)include some statistics  (100 words)

2.    Managing intellectual property (IP Manager)
What form of IP should be considered?
How might a strategy be put in place to maintain the IP?
How important is IP for this market?

3. Is there a market for this technology /service? (100 word)


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