Nursing Topic: Mandate of manual flu vaccines

| October 30, 2015

Nursing Topic: Mandate of manual flu vaccines

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Please use at least 6 PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES ONLY( NO BOOKS, TWO MAY BE FROM THE WEB). PLEASE SEND ME REFERENCE PAGE EARLIER FOR PREVIEW. I NEED TO CHECK THE SOURCES FOR ACCURACY, FIND THEM, PRINT AND BRING TO CLASS.   Topic: Annual flu vaccines for health care workers are increasingly being mandated by hospitals and health care agencies. Describe the controversy surrounding this MANDATE.    Part 1: The Formal Paper: final Literature Review due Nov. 3 rd.  The literature review must be written in APA format, must provide a summary and critique of the debate using a minimum of six (6) current health care literature sources (only two may be from the web; a minimum of four must be peer reviewed; textbooks are not considered current).     DO NOT TAKE A POSITION; just summarize the controversy, showing the causes of the disagreements, as if you are presenting both sides of the argument to your peers. Be sure to review literature on BOTH SIDES of the controversy. This literature review will be used as the first part of your formal paper. The paper must be a minimum of four (4) pages long (& a maximum of five pages) not including the title page, abstract, or references.    Part 2:  Having selected your topic and written the literature review expand upon what you have written to make a cogent argument for one side or the other. Be sure to comment on each of the articles you have reviewed and critique then discuss why you agree or disagree with them. You will want to do more research at this point to firm up your argument. Don’t forget this must be in APA format. This final paper should be at least five (5) pages long but no longer than seven (7) pages, not including the title page, abstract, or references.

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