| February 24, 2014

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please read each of the papers that says instructions very carefully. use the articles that are provided to you. and find another article based on all the papers that states instruction. please make sure you attach the article /journal that you find pertain to what the instructor is asking. the three article/journal your find has to obtain one out of thress test is is referring to in instructor, he give specific instruction on what ger is looking for in the article /journal and the article/journal HAS to be in correlation with the two articles this is already provide to you. Please make sure you put it in PowerPoint form their has to be four slides please answer only bullet number four which is circled four you. their has to be four slides with the header on the 4-5 bullets in sentence form please place it on thea word document so i can cut and paste., to a group power point assignment. use are provided with two articles, you need one more to collaborate all three with has to say with the same subject. and please use citation. big project weights alot of points.
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CASE STUDY;Practice Health Policy Development/Professional Values
Pros and Cons of Mandatory Continuing Nursing Education


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