Nurse staffing models associated with the best patient and staff outcome.

| March 20, 2015
Nurse staffing models associated with the best patient and staff outcome.
Moreso, in this dissertation, i am expected to carry out a systematic review (infact, its actually a systematic review i am doing in this dissertation). i want the writer to carry me along as he or she does the work because i have a supervisor who i’m meant to see at every stage of my work to see what i am doing.
i will supply the writer anything that is required from my part to enable the work to be done successfuly. i want the writer to make available to me the articles he will be reviewing so that i can read them while he is doing the work so that i can be able to defend the work at the end of the day.
Finally, i will scan a document given to me by my teacher on the processess involved in carrying out a systematic review so that my writer will be guided as he writes. Apart from that, we were told in class to follow these steps:
1:choose a literature reseach topic
2:formulate a review question using PICO
3:search for available literature relating to our choosen topic
4:select research paper that is appropriate to our topic, using inclusion and exclusion criterias
5:at the end, we should come up with 6-8 articles that will be used in our work
6:we are to appraise the quality of the selected articles
7: after that, we are to critique selected articles, identifying the gaps in their studies
8:our work should include IMPLICATION TO NURSING PRACTICE
9:we then present or discuss findings/result
10: an then conclusion.
NOTE: personaly i dont know if those steps are very correct, but i know that those points should be included in my work if i must get an A. i trust that the writer will know better as a professional. Please, least i forget, when writing, let there be argument in the work ( that is what my teacher wants to see) the opinions of different authors should be brought in, and used to argue. Please, let me know what is required from my end to make this work perfect. Thanks

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