Numeracy presentation

| October 27, 2015

Based on the essay (research) which I’ve uploaded in the files section I want this to be included in an around 6 Power point slides. I also want the person who is doing it to have a look at the Assignment rubric which I have uploaded as well to make sure everything is included in the Power point. The last thing I want is the writer to make notes so I can read and present it step by step in order. I want it to say basically all what am I supposed to say during my oral presentation on a separate page.

In particular the presentation should:
– briefly describe the focus of the investigation and how the investigation was planned and conducted with a focus on thinking and working mathematically;
– discuss, with examples, how either the four roles of a numerate person (Forrest, 1997) or the three/five essential ingredients of numeracy (Scott, 2000/Goos, 2007) underpin the investigation;
– identify key aspects of mathematics that were chosen and used to conduct the investigation, in particular which aspects of financial mathematics, number, data handling, chance and/or measurement;
-present the collected data;
-discuss and present the data analysis process and tie this together by discussing the key findings;
-discuss the implications & actions of these key findings, both for you personally and any wider reaching impact;
-identify and describe any new mathematical learning the investigation has developed; Reference key resources used in both the investigation and the presentation (Include minimum of 5 references)

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