NTC 405 Week 2 Transmission Methods

| September 27, 2016

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NTC 405 Week 2 Transmission Methods
Assignment Preparation: Activities include completing the SkillSoft course, independent student reading, and research.
Complete the SkillSoft course, “Fundamentals of Telecommunications.” (3 hours 45 min)
Assignment: Develop an 8- to 10-slide narrated and annotated Microsoft® PowerPoint®presentation. For assistance:
click Help in PowerPoint, and
enter “Record and add narration and timings to a slide show” in the search box.
Address the following in your presentation:
Describe the various transmission mediums and explain the best use of each with various examples of business use.
Identify communications capabilities of each medium and the types of signals that are used for each.
Identify the various protocols that are available for use and provide a recommended standard that should be used as the most efficient communication within a business.
Use outside research to show how these standards have been used in similar companies to explain your choice.
List major points in the slides. Include detailed explanations in the speaker notes section that correlate to each point.
Include videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate.
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
Submit the Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation assignment.
Note. Local Campus students must deliver a 10- to 15-minute oral presentation using the Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in addition to submitting the file to the facilitator.
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NTC 405 Learning Team: Week Four Status Report
Suppose you wanted to measure the heat produced by a Bunsen burner flame. Why would holding a thermometer in the flame be the wrong approach?

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