Notice of privacy practice

| May 19, 2015

See attachment for instructions of the Notice of privacy practice,
1.Search a covered entity’s web site to locate the notice of privacy practice. Include name the type of facility (acute care, long term care, rehab, behavioral health etc), size of facility, and services provided.

2.Conduct a compliant content analysis of the Notice of Privacy Practice. Ensure that all HIPAA required elements are listed in a facility’s NPP. To do this, create a table of all required elements (listed in NPP instructions) and then check-off each element as it is found. Submit a summary of your findings to instructor. There is an example of a checklist here. You may use this copy or you may create your own.

3. Copy the NPP and paste it into word processing software as a document. Use the software to run readability scores for the document.



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