Normalization Approach

| November 16, 2015

Your team has been asked by a small retail client, SmallMart, to create the underlying database for a new point of sale (POS) system. You will be going through the Database Development Life Cycle, beginning with the analysis of requirements and ending with the creation of a physical database, the creation of queries that will be used in reporting, and a presentation that will be delivered to the CEO of SmallMart.

Week Four Deliverable:

Include the following specifications in your database: •The POS database must support the following subsystems: Invoicing, Inventory Management, Customer Management, and Employee Management. •Each of these subsystems must include a primary key and at least five different attributes using appropriate data types and the overall database must be normalized to at least the 3rd Normal Form. Foreign keys must be set up with constraints and relationships established between entities. •The database will need to be populated with test data. At least ten records for each subsystem. •At least four queries must be created to provide management insight into each subsystem. Two of these queries must join data from one or more other entities.

Include the following specifications in your presentation: •The presentation to the CEO should include information on the database development life cycle which includes: ◦An ERD. ◦How you approached normalization. ◦Any decisions that were made around keys, data types, constraints, etc. ◦Considerations that were made around the creation of the physical database ◦The value of queries included in the project.

Record audio speaker notes that are attached to the presentation. The presentation should be 7- to 10-slides long and delivered in 10 minutes. Remember to include a slide to cite your references.

Note: The scripts for the database and the presentation are to be turned in during Week Four

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