Nonverbal Paper

SPCH 1318 Nonverbal Paper Directions: Watch a movie. Evaluate how the characters interact. Your role is to analyze how non-verbal communication is utilized throughout the movie. Provide a summary of the movie and write a three-to-five page double-spaced paper and include the following information: • What meaning does the use of space convey? When someone or the character has a larger house, office, or seat on the airplane, what conclusions can be made? • How do the main characters appear, have they altered their appearance in any way to be more or less attractive, to look friendlier or smarter? What aspects of personal appearance convey these messages? • Do the characters make references to certain scents whether they are pleasant or unpleasant, what type of memories does this evoke for you? • How is time communicated? Is someone rushing, or kept waiting? What message does time convey in a particular scenario in the film? • Touch is a form of non-verbal communication that is highly affected by social and cultural rules. What are some of the rules of touch that you perceive? • Why do you suppose we tend to believe non-verbal cues, even when they contradict a verbal message? Is this evident in the film? Please explain. • The face is very expressive when it comes to communicating emotion. What are some different types of faces that you see associated with the particular character(s) you are studying. Formatting • The non-verbal paper must be 3-5 pages in length. Each question must be adequately addressed. Refer to your text as well to support responses and make references. • Ways to write a paper using in-text support Must include a MLA Reference page • Please double-space paper. Use 12 point font, Times New Roman. 1-inch margins. Submission/Deadline You will submit your paper via turn-it in in Blackboard. Please attach the fileas a Microsoft Word attachment only. Late work will not be accepted.