Nonprofit Sector

| June 19, 2015

Nonprofit Sector
Based on John Wood’s book, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World write a final assessment that is 10- to 15-pages and applies course concepts to this book.
This assessment is designed to be a research paper and should be approached as such. Thus some external research is required. In addition, your finished paper should be a coherent narrative. Use the following questions as a guide— all of them should be answered somewhere in your paper, but your treatment of the questions should not be in a “Q&A” format. Feel free to cover other topics as long as they are related in some way to the Wood book, your other course reading, and overall course concepts.

• What personality traits does Wood exhibit through this book?
• Would you call them leadership traits?
• Do you have such traits? If not, how can you develop them?
• How does Wood initially conceive of his new organization?
• Does he build a support network? How?
• Does his organization advance through recognizable life cycles?
• How does his leadership change over time and what is the role of the board?
• Do you believe the founder’s syndrome is present at Room to Read, and do you think a management crisis is likely to develop if Wood departs as CEO?
• What traits does Wood look for as he adds staff and goes global?
• How could John Wood measure outcomes and determine accountability?
• Does it seem as if fiduciary duties are being fulfilled, and who do you think is fulfilling them?
• What model of governance is in place as Room to Read matures?

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