Nike company analysis assignment

| September 20, 2018

case analysis 7-10 pgs., on Nike vs New Balance implementing and answering the following questions: 

Question 1: Regarding the elimination of import tariffs on Vietnamese footwear, is what is good for Nike Inc. also in America’s economic interest? What about New Balance? 

Question 2: Major drivers of the success of Vietnam’s footwear manufacturing sector are purported to be its weakly enforced labor and environmental standards and its generous subsidies to state-owned enterprises. Does this give Vietnamese firms an unfair competitive advantage over U.S. firms? 

Question 3: What should U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman do about import tariffs on Vietnamese footwear to level the playing field to allow Americans to compete and win in the global economy?  


How to Perform a Case Analysis (Prepare for a Case Analysis):

1. A Clear Problem Statement – Identify the type of case and which problems/issues within the case you are focusing on for your analysis.

2. Pre-Analysis Preparation

a. Theoretical – Which principles or theories from the class can be applied to the case?

b. Qualitative Data – Collect qualitative data that can be used to solve problems (and sub-problems) outlined above.

c. Quantitative Data – Collect quantitative information that can be used to solve problems (and sub-problems) outlined above.

3. Analysis of Case Data – Use information gathered in (2) – i.e., theory, qualitative data, and quantitative data along w/ course concepts – to analyze key issues outlined in section (1) above. Provide support for one interpretation over another based on your observations/proofs collected from the case for each alternative course of action outlined below?

4. Alternative Actions – Make a list of recommendations you have in response to the Problem statement based upon your analysis of the background

5. Preferred Action Plan – This should be a concise and clear statement of your recommended solution to the problem, ideally with short-run and long-run steps that need to be implemented.

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