Newspaper Analysis: Abolition and Slavery

| February 3, 2014

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This assignment involves an examination of attitudes about slavery and abolitionism as they are reflected in newspapers of the 1840s and 1850s. To complete this assignment you will use the Valley of the Shadow web site listed in the Web Links. The newspapers you will use for this exercise are the following: Staunton Spectator Chambersburg Valley Spirit Staunton Vindicator Franklin Repository and Transcript The link in the Web Links connects to a search engine for these newspapers. Select one of the newspapers listed above and write a two-page essay analyzing the way the newspaper reported on the issue of slavery and the activities of the abolitionists in the immediate pre-Civil War period. As you develop your essay, please look to answer the following questions within your essay: What specific points do articles in your specific newspaper make about the institution of slavery? What first-hand reports, if any, does it publish about the actual living and working conditions of the slaves? What arguments does the newspaper put forth to support or attack slavery? Who is the editor of the newspaper? Is he from the North or South? What groups of people do you think constitute his readers? How does the newspaper report the activities of abolitionists? Pro-slavery factions? Please make sure you concentrate your essay on the pre-Civil War period, prior to April, 1861.
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