Newfoundland Joins Confederation

| March 23, 2015

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Newfoundland’s joining Canada in 1948-49 was heavily reported upon in newspapers of the time. Such newspapers are in fact one source, among many, used by historians. Historians though give a retrospective view of events while newspapers view events as they are going on. Consider what was said in the lecture and what is written in the textbook about Newfoundland joining Canada. Then go to the library database ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe and Mail (1844-2011)* use it to see how this was reported at the time. What is different, interesting and surprising about the contemporary accounts? Do they cause you to reconsider anything you read in your textbook or heard in the lecture?

Write out your response to this problem in 300-350 words. Make good use of your textbook (and other material if you wish) in researching your response. Your response should be in your own words and should be your own work.

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