New Version of Swan Lake

| June 19, 2015

New Version of Swan Lake

You will be required to create your own Swan Lake. With that Swan Lake, you will need to justify why you made the choices that you made.
In the first part of the essay, describe at length your production of Swan Lake, as fully as need be to understand all the elements: story, set, character, costume, music, style, etc. Your Swan Lake can be any medium by which we watch and process stories: opera, ballet, film, television, play, dance production using any genre, parody, etc. Take into account issues at play through Swan Lake: gender, sexuality, class, psychology, etc.
In the second part, write your reasoning behind this production; i.e. why did you make these choices? BE SPECIFIC. Compare your Swan Lake with previous versions of Swan Lake such as the original Swan Lake film, Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, Black Swan and any other productions of Swan Lake, and explain why your want your production of Swan Lake as your described in part 1.
Please cite any sources you use in your part 2 using MLA., either within the body of that response, or as a Works Cited page. YOU MUST CITE. Aside from research on Swan Lake, research all the different mediums available to you. If you found Swan Lake boring, or hard to understand, change it in the way you would have wanted to witness this.



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