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| May 20, 2015

This task requires  critical evaluation of the new product development practice of your own
organization or an organization that would like to work with. (If you do not have direct access to an
organization you can complete this task with using secondary research).
Your task:
Drawing on relevant literature on new product (or service) development models and factors
for success in NPD – identify and discuss in detail critical success factors and issues that are
relevant to the organization you have chosen to study.
Prepare a detailed analysis of the organization’s new product development practices,
discussing in detail areas of strength and weakness.Make sure that you include in this
discussion any specific details of the organizational context or industry context that are
relevant for your analysis. As well as making your own observations, you can draw on
interactions and conversations you may have had with relevant parties such a customers,
suppliers and/or company employees.
Finally make detailed recommendations for areas in which the company could improve their
new product development practice. It is important in this section that you justify you
recommendations by linking back to your earlier analysis and relevant NPD literature that
you have previously discussed.
Your work should be referenced using APA Style.

This assignment is designed to give you the opportunity to examine in detail how new product
development works in practice. Focusing on a particular organisation gives you the opportunity to
appreciate how the particular context that a business operates in will influence the way it conducts new
product development.

Marking Criteria

Use of relevant Integration and Literature on NPD or NSD models and factors for success:

Value 30%
Integration and originality in the selection and handling of relevant theory. Wide range of sources integrated in systematic way.

Critical evaluation of chosen organization:
Value 30%

Identifies and insight-fully discusses areas of strength and weakness in NPD practices. Strong links to organizational context and relevant theory in evaluation.

Recommendations to address areas of weakness:
Value 30%
Excellent recommendations made, linked to the evaluation. Theory used in insightful way to justify recommendations and discuss enhancement of NPD practices

Referencing using APA:
Value 5%
Referencing is consistently accurate.

Value 5%
Polished and imaginative approach / very professionally presented.


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