New Product Development Project

| March 26, 2014

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For this assignment you are to develop a new product concept and research the demand, proposed product attributes, and other factors that will determine the viability of the product, and to make recommendations for the development, testing, and commercial launch of the product. This project is divided into four parts, each being completed in conjunction with several of the modules in the course. These are as follows:
• Part 1—Concept Generation Paper
• Part 2—Concept Testing and Screening
• Part 3—Product Protocol
• Part 4—Proposed Product Launch Plan
Can you please write about a digital system that is incorporated into your car and is communicating with your cell phone. its able to give you updates on your daily schedule, reminders knows your shopping patterns. Also its able to remind you what you ate yesterday and gives you healthy eating choices.
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Explain the different planning techniques that could be used by TNT to increase the effectiveness of its strategy.
compare and contrast the ways in which two companies(Tesco and GKN) have responded to ethical, technological or ecological changes


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