New Nigerian Petroleum Bill (PIB)

| April 18, 2014

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Write a two-page abstract of your research plan, setting out the primary question that will be addressed in the research and the proposed theoretical/methodological approach, as well as briefly outlining the significance of the research for the appropriate area of scholarship. Then, write a five-page literature review of major books and/or articles relevant to the LLM Oil and Gas project, critically analyzing the arguments made and approaches taken by the authors. At the end of the paper, append a one-page preliminary bibliography for the research project.
Show what the issue is, and why they should care E.g, what makes this an important problem to solve) -.
2. Key dimensions, elements, sources identified
3. What you hope to contribute with your work or find
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Global political economy
The role of the various organisations involved in the oil & gas industry - The key features of contractual arrangements - between the oil company (as the customer), the primary contractors, sub-contractors and vendors.


Category: International Organizations and Global Governance

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