New Media Art Market: Post-Internet Art

| July 28, 2016

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*DEFINE new media art AND post internet art, the commercialisation part should cover the nature of the market (now/then), how net art is being sold, who/ what/ where is it being sold (URL and contract), and right to resale. I have included an art sale contract from the artist, Rafeal, which can be included in this part. Again, please use the sources i already have on my bibliography, and don’t hesitate to include any new sources on your own.

Write about the rise of new media galleries, model of artist selling directly (online), AND model of gallery selling directly. This should include physical as well as pure online galleries, and how do these online platform works. Perhaps write about how biennales / art fairs/ online exhibitions that are validating this new demand. (this could be expended after the example of electronic superhighway exhibition)


Chapter 2: List out as many as possible of secondary market companies or sites, ( I picked Paddles ON as an example) please expand on who they are, how does paddles 8 works. List out other auction houses that are selling net art, and how do they work, are you including net art in their contemporary sale?

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