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Consider your business’ current utilization of the internet as a sales channel
Please address the following topics or others that you feel may be more appropriate to your company’s circumstances (with justification for the change of topics):
1. How does your business currently utilize the internet to maximize sales?
(15 marks)
2. What share of your served market have been captured by internet selling and how has this been achieved?
(20 marks)
3. Traditional companies inevitably face legacy issues when they try and address the internet. How has your business dealt with the potential barriers to realizing the full potential of the internet?
(15 marks)
4. Going forward, how is your business expecting to maximize the potential opportunities of selling to customers through the internet?
(20 marks)
5. To what extent does your business see selling through the internet as a threat or an opportunity, and why is this?
(20 marks)
References: (10 marks)
References to Use
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My Brief Company Background:
I am working with a Company a private joint stock company a special purpose vehicle established by Abu Dhabi Government is 60% owned by a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Government and 40% owned by foreign shareholding Company.
The Company has a management operation and maintenance agreement with a related party, whereby the latter has undertaken to manage the day-to-day operations and maintain the Company’s plant.
On establishment, the Company has entered into a power and water purchase agreement (PWPA) with a related party, (a wholly-owned subsidiary of government). Under this agreement, the Company undertakes to make available, and subsidiary of government undertakes to purchase, the available net capacity of the plant for 25 years in accordance with various agreed terms and conditions. The output payments cover variable operation and maintenance costs and fuel efficiency bonuses or penalty for actual output. Natural gas fuel is supplied by government at no cost. The ownership of the plant will be retained by the Company at the end of the PWPA term.
Hints to Answer Writing:
I suggest you look at ways in which the company could utilise the net to provide low cost procurment, recruitment, training, comparison with other utility providers.
You might also look at how power providers in the private sector use the net, and think of ways it might improve connectivity with your client.
You might also want to look at ways in which you could check power usage efficiency for your client.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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