| August 18, 2015

You work at an insurance firm with approximately 150 employees, most involved in deskwork. You would like to convince the owner that an exercise/wellness program should be added to the workplace. The owner is a man in his mid-50s and is highly concerned with attendance and productivity.

  • Research the ITT Tech Virtual Library and find some best practices for similar circumstances to help frame the persuasion. Refer to the following ACE Theory and script out how this theory can help you in being successful in your persuasion attempt.
    • Appropriateness (What is typical, common, or accepted practice for similar others?)
    • Consistency (In what ways might developing an exercise/wellness program align with the owner’s behaviors or beliefs?)
    • Effectiveness (How would developing an exercise/wellness program result in a positive outcome for the owner?)
  • In addition, compose a memo for the employees with the proposed outcome.

Submission Requirements:

Submit a Microsoft Word document with the following specifications:

  • Font: Arial, Size: 12 point
  • APA format

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