Need a 3 page commentary paper on a recent important news worthy event.

| November 20, 2015

Need this assignment finished by today. Posted it a few days ago and the person that was supposed to do it never sent it to me or wrote me back. Please don’t take this assignment if you are not going to work on it.


I will need the sources cited, and MLA formatted.

Thank you.

Attachments:Commentary Paper:  Fourth Paper, worth 100 points

            Commentaries respond to recent events:  something happens and you create an argument in response.  Your argument interprets the event and talks about the significance of the event.  In a commentary, you look at a specific event and you tie it to a larger issue or concern.

Commentaries are a type of argumentative essay.  In commentaries, you must explain your own position (or state your thesis) on a contemporary issue, support your argument with evidence and reasoning, and suggest why this issue is important (at some point in your essay).

Commentaries are described in Chapter Twelve of your textbook.  Remember, you should be civil, but you can adopt an edgy tone, like Budiansky.



  • November 17th is a research day for your commentary paper.  I will be available in class to give you help and feedback.  However, there will be no organized presentation of material during our class time.
  • You must submit your rough draft to Safe Assign.  Papers that are not submitted to Safe               Assign will not be graded.  The rough draft is due on November 19th for peer review in class.
  • Your final draft is due on November 24th. Please post your final draft to Safe Assign as well.  


Requirements for the paper:

  • The commentary paper needs to be three pages in length.

If you use outside sources, your works cited, MLA formatted page, will be an additional page.   You must also include in-text citation in your paper if you use outside sources


  • Your paper should contain:   an introduction,  which gets the reader’s attention;
  1. an argumentative thesis that states your thesis or main idea;
  2. support for the argumentative thesis which is developed in the body of the paper;
  3. an appeal to logos and another appeal, either to ethos or pathos, whichever is most appropriate to your topic;
  4. an explanation of why your topic is important or what is at stake in this controversy;
  5. and a conclusion.
  6. Do not write in the first person using “I.” You are explaining why all of us should agree with you: you are not simply giving a personal opinion.
  • You should develop your ideas logically and organize your essay strategically.  Commentaries should build in persuasiveness. Often, the strongest reason is the last one explained.
  • This is a formal paper:  correct grammar errors, write in complete sentences, use appropriate vocabulary, and develop effective paragraphs.  Use vocabulary that we can find in a standard Webster’s dictionary.  Do not use slang.



  1. You may write a commentary in response to commentaries that have been written. The New   York Times publishes three to four commentaries every day.  The Richmond Times Dispatch also     publishes about three commentaries every day.  One of the advantages to this approach is that             the topic has already been “sized” or focused for you, as a general rule.




2.            It’s a good idea to keep a research logEvery time you locate a source and read it, write down the citation for it in MLA format or copy and paste it.   Also,  record the URL, so you can find the        source again, easily..  Then, briefly summarize the contents of the article or source, so that you       remember what’s in it.  You may find that you will change your mind about what sources you          wish to use for your paper.  As long as you can locate everything  that you have read, you will be               able to enjoy that flexibility.  Don’t get into that nightmare of not being able to find a source                 again.  Remember, if you cannot cite a s

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edit and grammar correction + writing Summary and conclusion

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