Near Earth Objects

| January 13, 2015

Your second paper will be about near-Earth objects. In light of the recent meteor explosion over Russia on February 15, 2013, it seems right that we explore what happened, determine if there are any other nearby objects that may impact Earth, and what we’re doing to investigate them. This is an exciting subject that generates much interest in the scientific and non-scientific community alike. Here’s your chance to get familiar with the topic. This is report #2, so you have the advantage of your experience in writing report #1. Make sure that you read all the comments given to you by your TA in report #1 and use this when writing report #1. Remember that scientific writing is very different from non-scientific writing. It does not come naturally – rather it is a skill that must be learned and practiced. This is your second chance to improve this skill and become an excellent scientific writer! Make sure you read the two attachments and follow the instructions exactly! – You may not use Wikipedia as a source (it was over-used in Report #1). – You must have at least FOUR peer-reviewed journals as part of your references (this is increased from two). – The word count limit is changed to 1800-2400 words. – There will be no option to re-submit this time. With your experience from Report #1, you are familiar with the score your writing style generates on Turn-it-In. And you know (because I’ve been drilling it into your heads) that you may not copy and paste anything. Doing so will not only defeat the purpose of this writing exercise, but can result in a zero in the course and the occurrence being recorded on your permanent school record. Nobody wants that. So use your own words at all times. Also remember: – DO NOT USE QUOTATIONS! If we want to read what someone else has written, we’ll read their article. We want YOUR words. At all times. – You are responsible for handing it your report on time. This means it must be the correct file. If your TA discovers that you’ve uploaded a corrupt file, your report will not be marked and you will receive a zero (it must be a .doc Word file). If you email me a day late telling me that you uploaded the incorrect file, then late penalties will apply. If it’s more than three days late, then you will receive a zero. No exceptions. – If you have questions about the report – email your TA! If you have questions about any comments – email your TA! Your assigned TA is listed on the announcements page. – Remember to keep your writing style scientific and concise. Avoid “flowery” and “poetic” writing styles. Please make sure you read Report Instructions via 2 pdf. attachments This report will be turned in via, so please make sure there is no plagiarism

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