Native Americans

| February 9, 2014

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This 5 page paper will be on Native American history from the beginning of time working up to the present day and what and where the most of them were and are living. I want something of how they won many battles but lost the war? what kink of hunting did they do and what did they eat. How did they get to the new world,What was the three waves for them and the years the waves happen, or was it 3 waves. why was at one time native americans was the only popultion.there were 12 to 18 million in the 1900s, how manytribes were there in the beginning, how many are there in the 2000s, and where are the most of them living Who are the two main tribs now, and who were the two main tribs back in time. The europeans brouthe diseases over her to our country by way of their hourses is this true,it killed many.some artifacts of what is in the paper or tell me what they are and i will do the images.They settled in North American, South American, and Central American tell me a little about that. What about when the spanish consquered the Native American where was they at in the world. The war became the invention of the gun for the Native American who taught them about guns.Marico Polo I think brought the information about the guns back to the Native American from Eupeans.They were put on reveration and were not allowed the rights of the American Citizen. writh some of that. In order please on how the events happen. When did Native Americans come to the United States. When the ice age opened up with animals plants it created a pathway for people to enter the new lands is this correct talk on that.Where did they migrated from, Siberia I think over 11,000 years ago talk about that as well. the scan is for two the nation of immigration 2 pages and Native American, therefor you problaly will get the instrustion twice because I did not know how to go back and correct the scan once I did it. I’m sorry if any questions of confusession please let me know. Doris
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The United States of America for decades has been the best example of a nation that is a melting pot of cultures. This has mainly been due to the fact that currently, the country may be the most racially and culturally diverse nation on the planet. There may be other facts disputing this assumption but the United States beats other culturally diverse nations in terms of the tolerance and harmony between the resident cultures. All this can be attested to the fact that America is an Immigration Country. The country’s population constitutes people from different parts of the world. The process of people moving into the new world that is the Americas where the United State lies began centuries ago and has been an ongoing process to the current day. This paper examines the origins of the Native Americans. This paper also explores their journey into the Americas as the first Immigrants. Their settlement patterns and ways of life will also be examined. The paper also explores how the Native Americans in the Americas fared during the European conquest of the region that is currently identified as the America….ORDER NOW
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