Native American Population in Substance Abuse Counseling

| May 21, 2014

One of the greatest health issues facing the American Indians (AI) and Alaskan Natives (AN) is substance abuse with alcohol being the most abused (Marlatt, 2004). The nature/outlook of substance use and misuse among them is diverse due to the diversity of Native community. Native Americans consist of American Indians, Alaskan natives, and other Smaller Native races that forms a population of about 4.1 million people that speak more than 200 different tribal languages and live within 35 states (Marlatt, 2004). The American Indians and the Alaskan natives alone are about 2.5 million people (about 0.8% of U.S.). Currently, 63% of Native Americans live in urban areas whereas 22% reside in Federal reserved tribal land (Marlatt, 2004).

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While the United States emerged largely from the English colonial empire, the Spanish, French, and Dutch also had empires in the New World. The Spanish were the first Europeans to colonize the Americas. Discuss the evolution and development of their empire in North America from the time of Christopher Columbus forward to the 1520s. What was the Columbian Exchange? In your analysis, to what degree are historians correct in contending that the Spanish were motivated by three factors: gold, glory, and God? Then trace the development of the French and Dutch empires. To what degree were they successful? How were their empires different from that of the Spanish?
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