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The goal of this assignment is to acquaint the student with a national organization in the field of Child and Family Development.

The learning outcomes after completing this assignment include:
• The student will describe the national organization, its activities, role in the field and products.
• The student will review the topics covered in journal articles published by the national organization.

Go to the following website and navigate to respond to items 1 and 2 below. Do not cut and paste, Use your own sentences to answer the question even if some of the wording will end up being very similar. This assignment will involve accessing and navigating the website below in blue, then distilling the information you learned to answer the questions.

Answering these questions in detail should take a minimum of 2-3 double spaced pages. Use complete sentences and narrative to answer each question. You may number the questions, but you do not have to repeat the question in your paper.

When you complete your document, follow the directions on the Blackboard site to submit it on the “Turnitin” link.


1. Describe the organization, its history, mission, membership and areas of work it is engaged in.
2. Explore the entire site and describe at least 5 different items of interest to you such as
• Journals
• Conferences
• Professional resources
• Certification
• Etc.
You will be graded on your choices of in depth material that is relevant to the field as well as what you say about them. More is always better, focused and accurate is also better.

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Category: CFD 135. Principle of Family Development

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