Nassau Community College Artistic Life Of Mary Cassatt Discussion

Nassau Community College Artistic Life Of Mary Cassatt Discussion

You will write a research paper (4-6 pages) based on an imagined account of your patronage of an artist of your choice. You will “commission” any work of art from the any artists of the 14th century to present day whose work inspires you! You will position yourself into the fabric of the time and place of your choosing. You will research your artist’s life, artistic practice, and style. You will also research the lifestyle of your invented (or real) persona and you will write an imaginative “first-hand “ account of your commissioning of the work of art. You will include a carefully researched description of your artist, his/her studio, the people working in it, the materials and methods your artist employed, the style of the work of your artist and of course. Who are you? Will you commission the work directly from the artist? Do you go to his/her studio? Does your artist show his/her work in a gallery? What the gallery is like? What role does the gallery play in the art world that you are describing?

Who could you be? You could be one of the city fathers who commissioned the “Good Government” fresco from Lorenzetti in Siena at the beginning of the Renaissance. You could be Pope Julius II in 16th century Rome who commissioned Michelangelo to make the “Moses”. You could be a merchant in Amsterdam in the 17th century who commissions Rembrandt Van Rijn to make a portrait of yourself for your handsome house. What about being a member of the Spanish court who commissions a painting of a Velasquez from Venus? What about imagining yourself an aristocrat in 18th century Paris and remodeling your old family home into a handsome Rococo town house? What about being Élisabeth Vigee-LeBrun and being commissioned to paint Queen Marie-Antoinette and her children? What about being the friend of Mary Cassatt who painted your daughter? What about being the landlord of the café in Arles that Vincent Van Gogh frequented and taking one of his paintings in exchange for his bar bill? What about being Gertrude Stein and commissioning a portrait of yourself from Pablo Picasso? How about being Frida Kahlo in Mexico City in the 1930’s and making a self-portrait? What about going to Peggy Guggenheim’s gallery in New York right after the Second World War and buying a painting by Surrealist artist Max Ernst? What about being a musician in 1970’s New York and buying a print from Andy Warhol? You can be whomsoever you choose!

If you choose NOT to work in first person – fine – but you must explore all the issues outlined above making sure that you address the relationship between artist and patron including all issues above.

All this information must be substantiated by a thorough analysis of the scholarly literature available about your topic. You will use this topic to demonstrate your understanding of the role of the patron, the role of artist’s organizations, the training of the artist, artists techniques, as are appropriate for your chosen artist.

You will cite all of your sources and such sources are necessary for a complete paper. You are required to use the resources in the school library for your research as well as any additional sources that you choose. You must provide a “Works Cited” sheet in MLA style. Your paper will not be graded without this!!!

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