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| September 27, 2015
ENGL380+Essay+%231++Narrative+with+Descriptive+Details.docx1/ 2   The rst paper of the semester is a narrave paper supported with descripve details. This material is covered in chapters eight and ten in the textbook. A narrave is simply a story. You can narrate whatever story or event you like, with the requirement that your story have a useful point. A narrave essay recreates an experience for a central purpose, usually to reveal an insight about the acon or people involved. You might write about an experience in which you encountered people from a culture di!erent from your own. You might write about a turning point in your life, a me when you faced a di”cult change, or a me when you reassessed your values because of something you experienced.  ! ”#$#!#%&’%  “# #”% #%# # ! #(#) It may not seem like it, but a narrave paper has many of the characteriscs of a formal essay, such as an introducon, a main purpose, and major and minor supporng details. You need to use descripve language as supporng detail. Keep the two page minimum length requirement in mind: You may struggle to stretch a minor, relavely uninteresng story into two pages. Likewise, you can’t narrate the story of your life in two pages, so choose a topic that ts the assignment descripon. *+, -,.+./.0+-.1./.2 !#3-.4+, #-3-/*-+5-+3-*-6 /.+*7** /!-+*8)9- /*8)9:*+*+,-+*-/) Firstname Lastname Instructor: Nathan Connolly Eng Class Section Number Date Formatted as 01 Month 2015 MLA Formatting Guidelines The MLA formatted paper begins with the student’s name, instructor’s name, class and section, and date in the upper left corner. After that, the title follows, centered and in bold letters. Each paragraph is indented five spaces, and the entire document is double-spaced, including the name block and the title. One inch margins are used on all sides, including the top of the page. Please use 10 or 12 point font and no fancy or unusual text types or colors. Most of you will probably be writing your papers using MS Word, in which case there are many resources for you if you have trouble formatting your work according to these guidelines. The internet, the library, or your instructor can help you format your work properly, so please ask.


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