Narration and Description Assignment: Some General Guidelines

| February 10, 2014

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Please write a well-developed essay (about 650-700 words) about a unique and significant experience or event in your life. Make sure that your follow the general guidelines we discussed in class: determine the significance of the event, adopt a particular and consistent point of view, use dialogue to enliven your essay, choose a specific organization pattern (time, spatial, importance), express your attitude and impression about this event/experience, your sensual, descriptive language, and consider the significance of subjective as opposed to objective language. As I mentioned, make sure that you run your topic by me if you have not done so yet. Draw also on the skills we discussed earlier in the semester: your essay thesis must reflect your attitude and impression about this event/experience. You body paragraphs should be limited to aspect of your essay. Each body paragraph should have a clear and concise topic sentence, which will be developed in the rest of paragraph with examples, elaborations, and clarifications. Each paragraph should discuss only one supporting idea, and all the supporting examples in this paragraph should be relevant to developing this idea/point. Make sure that your paragraphs are coherent by establishing logical and meaningful relationship between the different sentences within the paragraph. Your paragraph should also read smoothly; use enough transition words to explain the connections between these sentences.
Formal requirements–your paper should be:
· Typewritten/word-processed
· Double-spaced
· Titled
· On white paper, in black ink
· In Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
· Formatted with one-inch margins
· Displaying your full name, date, class number (English 0090) in upper right or left corner
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