Nano Batteries for Electric Cars

| February 6, 2014

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The project has to be about Nano battery in the car industry. How it can revolutionized the use of electric cars. The project should include: – An analysis of the regulatory environment – Lobbying from the oil industry – Public Acceptance – Budget – Financial Incentives (rebates, tax credits, etc.) – Construction and Implementation Timeline – Expected Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings Benefits – Payback It should also be compared to the actual batteries that are used now for the electric car. If it is possible, I would like you to send me first an outline of the paper, then an executive summary and finally the final paper. By proceeding like this, I will be able to guide you and get to the desired outcome!
Sample Paper
Executive Summary
As the world rushes to find a solution to the imminent energy crisis, people and organizations are coming up with innovative solutions to address the world’s energy consumption needs. Over the past decade, the environment has taken a center stage many making efforts trying to sensitize the world on environmental pollution. Fossil fuel has been identified as the main source of air pollution as the world burns energy in an industrial race. Motor vehicle emissions are among the top air pollutants alongside industrial emissions. The demand for transport is on the increase due to the increasing world population, the exhaust emission from motor vehicles has increased exponentially. Governments and non-governmental agencies are advocating for cheaper sources of clean, renewable alternative to fossil fuels. Car manufacturers have in the past developed electric technology that will replace conventional fuel. However, there have been issues as a result of sustainability and efficiency of the technology. Given the global outcry to save the environment, car manufacturers were excited when electric car technology was introduced into the market. However, it failed to take root, as there were key limitations that needed to be addressed. Manufacturers used lithium batteries as a power source for the electric cars…ORDER NOW…
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