My Fitness Pal Analysis Assignment

| May 20, 2015

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My Fitness Pal Analysis Assignment (20 points)

ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW: My Fitness Pal is a dietary and fitness analysis tool that will help you measure and evaluate your food and drink consumption. It allows you to track your day-to-day dietary intake, which can be an effective tool if you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, maintain a healthy weight, or if you are just curious about your food and drink habits! My Fitness Pal will provide an analysis of your intake by showing you the nutrients you are lacking or consuming too much of, your caloric intake each day, the recommended intake and nutrient amounts for a healthy individual, and additional information about the amount of physical activity you are getting on your logged days. Similar websites such as will provide the same, credible information about your nutrition. So, let’s explore, shall we?

Part A:  Food & Drink Intake Log

You should write down EVERYTHING you eat and drink as well as the amount for 3 days on the sample log provided (i.e., include cups, ounces, quantity, etc.). TWO of your days should be days of the week (e.g., Monday-Friday). ONE day should be a weekend day (e.g., Saturday or Sunday). People tend to eat differently during the week versus the weekends, so this will give you a more accurate representation of your daily intake habits. It can be challenging to remember everything you eat, so try and log your intake immediately after consumption so you don’t forget! I’ve included a sample intake log below that you are welcome to use.  Here are some pointers:

  • Keep your food log with you at all times (you most likely won’t remember what you ate throughout the day if you wait until the end of the day)
  • Use package labels when possible to estimate serving sizes (e.g., 1 cup of cereal = 1 serving size, ¼ cup skim milk)
  • When logging your food and drink intake, please be specific….for example, if you eat a pizza, DO NOT put “1 pizza”. Instead, please list each ingredient as each ingredient has a different caloric intake and/or amount. This will be the same with a sandwich, soup, salad, etc. Be specific!
  • Visual examples: A deck of cards = approx. 3 ounces of meat; ½ a baseball = ½ cup; 1 die = approx.. 1 ounce.
  • Include your 3 day log (typed) in your final submission on Moodle. If you use the Fitness Pal application on your phone and you log everything in manually, then please mention that for Part A

 Sample Intake Log:


Date and Time of day Food and drink items (use 1 box for each item) Amount (ounces, cups, etc.)
Day #1, DATE:

 Part B: Nutrient Analysis

After you’ve written your intake for 3 separate days, follow these steps:

  • go to
  • Enter your information into the “Join Now For Free” box.
  • Once you are logged in, click “Track Food” on the left side of the page.
  • Begin adding food and drink items from your food log by clicking “Add Food” under each meal.
    • You can change the date/day by clicking on the arrows where the date is listed so you get 3 separate days for analysis. DO NOT ADD ALL THREE DAYS INTO ONE ENTRY!
    • If you consume water, milk, coffee, sport drinks, pop, alcohol, etc. please make sure you include those items in the analysis for drink consumption.
    • Enter food and drink from each of the three days separately.  You will have three separate reports from the three days of intake logs to turn in with your final submission.
  • When you are finished entering each item, add any exercise you have done during the three days by clicking on the “Exercise” tab in the top menu.
    • Add any cardiovascular and strength training workouts.
    • Please note: this does not need to be an exhaustive list of exercises, just a general idea of the activity you did.
  • Once you have entered intake and activity for a day, click on “Complete This Entry.”
  • Continue entering food and drink intake for the additional days.
  • Once everything is entered for each of the three days, click the orange “View Full Report” button at the bottom of your page (it will provide you a nutrient report).
  • Copy and paste the information from the report into ONE word document to be included with your final submission.
    • The tables should paste better if you change the page orientation of the word document to “Landscape.”
    • You can view the reports for each of the three days at the same time by changing the “From” and “To” dates at the top of the full report.
  • Include all three days of intake and exercise with your final submission.
    • I have included one day of an analyzed intake log at the end of this assignment as an example.
    • The food and drink items you have on your log will need to be entered verbatim (yes, a little redundant, but it will be more accurate in regards to what you consumed).

Example Intake Log Analysis (I only included one day, but you need to include all three days):

FOODS Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
Coffee – Brewed from grounds, 2 cup (8 fl oz) 5 0g 0g 1g 0mg 9mg 0g 0g
Fresh Fruit – Banana – Medium 7 – 8″ , 1 small 110 30g 0g 1g 0mg 0mg 19g 3g
Kashi Tlc (Right Fat Amount) – Honey Almond Flax Chewy Granola Bar, 1 Bar 140 19g 5g 7g 0mg 105mg 5g 4g
Chobani – Greek Yogurt Strawberry Non-Fat, 6 oz 140 20g 0g 14g 0mg 65mg 19g 0g
Nestle Coffeemate Natural Bliss-Caramel – Coffee Creamer, 2 tbsp 70 10g 3g 0g 20mg 10mg 10g 0g
Mcalister’s Deli – Grilled Chicken Salad, 1 plate – 13 oz. 450 16g 26g 41g 130mg 1,120mg 6g 3g
Mcalister’s Deli – Ranch Dressing, 1 Tbsp 50 1g 6g 0g 0mg 145mg 1g 0g
Allrecipes.Com – Broccoli Chicken Divan, 2 peice 372 24g 17g 31g 88mg 880mg 7g 5g
Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice – Whole Grain-Brown, 1 Cup 190 39g 3g 5g 0mg 15mg 0g 3g
Great Value – Lowfat Cottage Cheese-1% Milkfat, 1/2 cup 80 5g 1g 11g 10mg 470mg 5g 0g
Fruit – Apple, Gala, Medium, 7 ounce 72 19g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 17g 3g
Pepperidge Farm – Soft Baked Oatmeal Rasin Cookies, 1 Cookie 130 23g 5g 2g 5mg 90mg 13g 2g
TOTAL: 1,809 206g 66g 113g 253mg 2,909mg 102g 23g



EXERCISES Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Running (jogging), 6 mph (10 min mile) 408 40
TOTALS: 408 40 0 0 0


Part C: Reflection Questions

Each question should be typed and answered in complete sentences! Your response should be AT LEAST ½ a page in length for all three questions.  


  1. What do you do well and what do you need to improve upon in regards to your eating and drinking habits?


  1. Explain 3 ways as to HOW you can improve the eating and drinking habits you mentioned above.



  1. Were the 3 days representative of your overall eating and drinking behavior? Why/Why not?



  1. What is your opinion on the My Fitness Pal dietary tool and would you use this in the future? Why/Why not?



ITEM Points Available
3-day intake logs included and/or entered in My Fitness Pal 3
3-day intake logs analyzed separately (each day, 3 total) 6
All reflection questions answered with specific examples 8
Overall organization, readability, grammar, and content 3



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