Mussolini’s Italy Dissertation Topics

| January 24, 2015

Mussolini effectively became a dictator in Italy in 1922 and governed the country through the advancement of his fascist ideology. But although he initially won a great deal of popularity, he made the mistake of siding with the Nazis in the Second World War, to his cost. Perhaps you could discuss this or other topics involving Mussolini for your history dissertation.

  • Why was Mussolini able to come to power so easily? What failings of the previous governments had made Italy so susceptible to fascist rule?
  • Why was fascism such an interesting alternative to the Italian people?
  • What is the concept of ‘totalitarianism’ and how ‘totalitarian’ was Mussolini’s system in Italy?
  • Critically evaluate Mussolini’s period of rule – could it be considered successful on the basis of the benefits that accrued to the people?
  • What happened in 1922 to ‘free’ the Italian Republic to Mussolini’s government and why was this event so significant?
  • How and why, once Mussolini had attained power, did the public’s view change?
  • Choose one event and consider why this could be considered to be the defining moment that led to Mussolini’s downfall – why is this even so important?
  • Consider whether Mussolini had the same level of control in Italy that Hitler had attained in Germany and explain your answer through the exploration of social, political and economic factors.
  • How well does Mussolini’s government compare to what had previously gone before in Italy?
  • How did Mussolini’s style of government serve to overextend Italy’s resources during the Second World War?

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