Musical Utopia

| August 18, 2015

Project 5: My Musical Utopia In Chapter 8 of Blues People, “The City,” the people and their music make moves from the rural south into urban areas in the north, midwest, and west. When the circumstances change, the music changed. The music would expand and flourish in many cities: e.g., The Fillmore District in San Francisco became a thriving zone for great music, which lasted until “urban development” in the 1960s forced removal of much of the Black community. Your assignment: What would your “musical utopia” look like? What things would have to change to bring it about? What kind of structures and social conditions would be needed for music to thrive? How, when, and where would performances take place? Who would participate, and how? Would education play a role, and how? Just what would a thriving musical culture look like? Take cues from Blues People, regarding conditions of life and related music.

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