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| July 9, 2016

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For this assignment, you will be tying together all that you have learned thus far in the semester, by writing a 6 to 8 page documented research paper in MLA style. Your objective is to fully research your topic, and compose a compelling argument around one or more particular issue(s) or write a fully developed informative research essay on a topic of your choice. Given the length of the paper, you should ideally be addressing four or five very specific points or units of analysis about your chosen issue. You will want to take a firm stance on one or more of the issue(s) – or fully explore your topic, and cite outside sources to reinforce/augment your argument or informative essay. Bear in mind, one of the purposes of rhetorical discourse is to persuade your audience to adopt a certain belief/idea, or to take a particular desired action. Reflect back on what we have previously discussed in this course and your own previous work, keeping in mind the following rhetorical elements:

  • Purpose: (What are you trying to accomplish?)
  • Audience/Relationship to the Reader (To whom are you addressing your argument?)
  • Context: (What are the influencing factors surrounding your argument, for both audience and yourself?)
  • Voice: (What tone are you going to use, to most effectively persuade your audience?)

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