Multiple Regression

| September 6, 2018

Please provide responses separately according to each unit’s question 


                                 Topic 7: Multiple Regression
Unit 1
Describe a study you might design that could use multiple regression. What are the variables? What are the null and alternative hypotheses? Why would multiple regression be appropriate for this design? What would multiple regression indicate in relation to your research question? What would it not indicate? Be specific and use your sample study to illustrate your answers. This response does not need to be supported with external research.

Unit 2
Considering your personal research interest, which of the methods described in this course do you believe will be most useful to your research? Why? This response does not need to be supported with external research.

Topic 8: Multivariate Comparison of Means: The One-Way and Factorial MANOVA
Unit 1
Consider your dissertation research interests. Identify one categorical/nominal scale IV with more than 2 categories, and three DVs that are measured on continuous scales. Think of DV measures that probably are moderately correlated with each other because they are measuring different components of the same or similar concepts (e.g., three different measures of academic performance). What information would a one-way MANOVA provide you? What more would you want to know if you get significant results in the MANOVA? Why would this be significant to your research? (Research support is not required for this question.)

Unit 2
Using the DC Network, locate information about the 10 Strategic Points, the Prospectus template, the Proposal template, and the Dissertation template. What is the purpose of each of these documents? How do you anticipate interacting with these documents? Explain.


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