Multimodal discourse analysis of TV interview: A case study of David Letterman's the Late show

| April 19, 2014

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Please read carefully:
1. NO literature review, applied analysis only.
2. This the analysis of 8 minutes of the video
3. The analysis should starts right after 00:35 seconds of the video.
4. This is the combination of conversation analysis (% 35) as well as (% 65) of the use of gestures and body movements.
5. Transcription of the actual conversation is required
6. please indicate to the time on the video where certain gesture co-occur.
6. This research is: Motivation: This paper is motivated by the notion that speech and gesture cooccur in congruent with the underlying idea. The human physical movements won?t occur randomly, instead they come as supplementarily enhancing the expressive value of the spoken discourse through semiotic enacting of the meaning expressed. Such coherent relation between speech and gesture co-occur in parelle to meaning unites rather than per semantic or syntactic unites (McNeill, 2000; Quek et al., 2002; Quek, 2003) (888). Such approach to multimodal analysis is combatable with Fonagy?s concept of ?double coding in speech? (Fonagy, 1971:a?.189?22): The linguistic and visual decoding.
Hypothesis: Gestures are employed by TV talk show hosts (here David Letterman) to control the stream of the conversation with celebrities. Such multimodality is used to hit the goal of the show within the time limit of the show.
Here is more clarification of the order:
Th researcher is to examine how David Letterman in the video use the body movements and gestures (such as hand movement, body postures, eye-gaze, facial expression,..etc) in accordance to the verbal clues to control to control the turns in the interaction, interrupt or to give gestures to provide negative impression to his listeners when they talk so as to make it short or to give up the floor.
Please divide the analysis into topics, each topic to explain the use of certain modality, such as hand movement strategy used by David Letterman. Then another topic for his body movements and how they are used to control the construction interaction of the conversation, another topic for eye-gaze…ect
PLEASE please back up your analysis with quotation from resources of books or academic journal. It is ok to use more than 20 resources but not less than twenty.
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