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Ray Kurzweil discusses How Technology will Transform Us (22:59) and the rapidity with which technological changes occur. Pay close attention to this talk in order to answer the discussion questions. You may want to view it more than once. I suggest that you first read the discussion questions so that you have in mind how to place Ray Kurzweil’s talk in the context of the pages you read from the chapter. You should pay attention to all elements of his talk in order to fully relate his talk to the philosophical ideas and divisions mentioned in the objectives and discussion questions.


Discussuion board question 2


Do you find Ray Kurzweil’s discussion of technology and humans to be something to look forward to or something that is fearful? How do you think the Turing Test relates to Kurzweil’s talk?

Defend your answer.

Explain how your view of Kurzweil’s discussion would change if you held:

  1. A feminist perspective of human nature b. A Buddhist, Nahua, or African perspective of human nature


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