Multicultural Trends Toward Social Change, Part III—Final Presentation

Week 6 Learning Resources
Required Resources Readings
•Koppelman, K. L. (2014). Understanding human differences: Multicultural education for a diverse America (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
oSection 2, “Cultural Foundations of Oppression in the United States”
Chapter 7, “Rejecting Oppressive Relationships: The Logic of Cultural Pluralism for a Diverse Society” (pp. 159–178)
oSection 4, “The Challenge of Diversity to American Institutions”
Chapter 13, “Pluralism in Schools: The Promise of Multicultural Education” (pp. 316–341)
Chapter 14, “Pluralism in Society: Creating Unity in a Diverse America” (pp. 342–368)
Week 6 Project
Multicultural Trends Toward Social Change, Part III—
Final Presentation
In your Final Presentation for the Course Project, you will contextualize your experience as you work to acquire a multicultural perspective on social change through the social problem you selected to investigate. Your analysis should reflect the insight you have gained about social reform and social issues that plague societies in which oppression, prejudice, and intolerance still affect the quality of life of their citizens.
Submit by Day 7, using the APA Course Paper Template (6th ed.) (see the Resources) to format your document, a 3- to 5-page analysis of social change with a multicultural perspective. Describe the types of activities or strategies you can apply to bring awareness and possible resolution to the social issue you selected. Alternatively, you may create a presentation in PowerPoint if you wish to use a more graphic approach to illustrate your issue.
In your analysis, you should do the following:
•Summarize the social issue you selected.
•Provide your analysis of the core problem.
•Describe possible solutions for social change.
•Include activities/strategies and any counter-perspectives or problems that could impact your proposed social change.
•Include concrete steps (both personal and collective) to be taken under a multicultural perspective to create social change.
•Adhere to proper formatting with sufficient research to support and complement your writing.
Support your assertions by making at least two documented references to your course readings, following the examples of documentation in “Common Reference List Examples” (see the Resources for this week). Please use proper APA formatting to cite each of your sources.