MRI and PET (Positron emission tomography) compare the two imaging modalities in- terms of an early detection of Brain Cancer

| January 11, 2015

pictures what MRI looks like and what tumors look like under an MRI scan and compare it with a picture of tumor on PET
(occupying lesion -> images
*articles talking about the sensitivity and specificity of both MRI and PETS (should be paper with lots of patients
*discuss about number of patients in the articles, uses and implication
*talk about imaging and tumors (do not repeat yourself)
*in the introduction there should be assumption (you are assuming that the concentration of the tracer will be at tumor not eyeball because assumption is the tumor has a high metabolism rate, and it might not be, you dont have to commit yourself in writing but you are preparing the reader for articles. and then you can use the clinical articles and talk about the sensitivity and the specificity (which method has high sensitivity and specificity)
in the discussion part: you will be needing
*contingency table: including total number of patients, how may patients got positive results and how many patient got negative results, with three colums of MRI, PET and Both MRI and PET
based on those findings you going to write
*what you think, how your finding and compare to the literature (critical evaluation)
*what most people make mistakes of and there might not be at all but at least you had a thought

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