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| July 23, 2016

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Movie Analysis Overview: Students will write a 2-3 page movie analysis where they will analyze communication that takes place between characters in a movie. Students will watch one of the following movies. (For plot summaries of films, see the website of the Internet Movie Database at If students wish to suggest a different film, please present your idea to the instructor for approval immediately.

1) Juno (2007)

2) I Am Sam (2001)

3) 21 (2008)

4) Wall Street: Money never sleeps (2010)

5) Crash (2004)

Instructions for informal outline — In this outline, state which two elements of communication you want to observe throughout the film. Your two elements must come from two different areas listed on the chart on the back of this page. (Do not choose two elements from one area.) For your paper, choose two communication elements from two different areas in the following chart:

Area #1 Relationships

Stages of Relational Development

Relational Dialectics

Relationship Messages

Types of Love

Types of Friendships Area #2 – Conflict and Power






Conflict Management Strategies

Conflict Management Stages Area #3 Culture and Interpersonal Communication


Masculine and Feminine

High/Low Power Distance

Low/High Context culture

High/Low Ambiguity-Tolerant

Indulgence and Restraint Area #4 – Nonverbal Communication

Eye contact





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