Motivation Letter for Liberal Arts & Sciences

| November 12, 2015

Motivation Letter for Liberal Arts & Sciences
A letter of motivation stating in your own words why you would like to study at University College Utrecht. In your letter, at least answer the following questions:
– On the basis of your academic strengths and interests, why do you want to study at a Liberal Arts & Sciences College?
– On the basis of your personal experiences and ambitions, why do you want to be a student at a residential College?
Length of the motivation letter: Not longer than 500 words (or equivalent in sign count).

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Concussion Online Assignment
TEXT CRITIQUE Purpose: To analyse one of these well-known articles and identify its major attributes 1. Robert Kagan, 'Power and Weakness,' Policy Review, 13/2, June/July 2002 2. Charlmes Krauthamer, ‘The Unipolar Moment’, Foreign Affairs 70,1 (‘America and the World’ 1990/91) 3. David Dunn “Isolationism Revisited: Seven Myths in US Foreign Policy”, Review of International Studies, Volume 31, pp. 237-261, April 2005. Task: Read one of the above articles and provide a brief analysis of it (maximum 400 words) to the e-tivity 3 Forum. An article analysis is an opportunity for concise and critical reflection on the detractions, merits, and implications of your chosen article. This analysis should reflect on how other authors have thought about this topic, you should reflect on your weekly reading posts to aid you in this task. Then proceed to the respond section Respond: In the e-tivity 3 Forum please post comments on the analyses provided by other students by way of illustrating there are multiple approaches to understanding the same text. Consider such issues as whether you agree with the analysis provided by others, or whether other students have focussed on different aspects, or drawn different conclusions. Comment constructively in no more than 400 words on how comparing these interpretations have helped improved your own understanding and your own original view of the article.

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