| March 23, 2015

1) use the theories of motivation from the Motivation pdf which is attached 2) Do not have to use references from other resources, using your own words and own ideas would be better 3)remember the answer should include all questions and answer in specific way



We’ve all known someone with a lack of motivation. We share the experience of seeing the kid sleeping in the back of your high school class or the sibling that never really ‘applies themselves’. We say that these people lack motivation, but what does that really mean?

In this assignment you’ll be creating a fake person, getting inside their head, and describing an in-detail plan to motivate them.


This is an individual project. Its fifteen years in the future and you are working in the field of your choice. You work with a group of people, and one group member simply isn’t pulling their weight. You need to write a bit about who this person is and write why they are struggling using one or more of the theories of motivation from the chapter.

You need to write a specific, tangible plan for how you will work to help motivate this group member. What do you think will and won’t work? Do you think this strategy will work in the real world? How would you handle it if your plan doesn’t work?


Instead of making me read more text, think about creating things like charts and calendars to help your group member. The more concrete the better.

Please submit this to Canvas before next class.

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