| February 12, 2015

Motivation Pick two of the following three scenarios to describe from a motivation standpoint. There should me, at minimum, five major concepts per answer. (Heuristics, avoidance conditioning and arousal are all major concepts…availability heuristic, the Skinner box and James-Lange theory are not, they are examples and smaller concepts within a larger topic that should be used to boost/support your argument). Also, the concepts in each answer may not be the same, which means a total of 10 different concepts should be included in your exam – if you have a question if something is a major or minor concept, ask. You need to do the following to answer the questions correctly: 1) identify the concepts. Explain the concepts using examples, definitions, etc to fully show you understand the concept. 2) relate your concepts to the example (additional information can be made up about the example, as needed). Each question is worth 50 points. Organization, grammar and content all contribute to your final grade. Each answer should be a bare minimum of 2 pages (double spaced). Scenarios: About a year ago, I bought a new car. I would often use the car to go to work, get dinner or for recreation. About a month ago, it began to make an odd beeping sound, become difficult to start and the word FUSE lit up on the dashboard. The next morning, I found the car dead in my driveway on my way to work. Since this meant I would be late to work, I worked quickly to find alternative transportation and a tow truck as well as contact the dealership but the process took a while. Being that the car was still very new, I was extremely upset about the events that transpired. A few days later, I got the car back from the dealership but the word FUSE was still lit on the dashboard. I figured that since the dealership saw this, it must not be a cause for concern and I ignored it. Two days later, the beeping started again and upon hearing it, my blood pressure started to rise….

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