Motivating Self and Others

| March 27, 2014

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Understanding motivation and being able to influence motivation of other employees, as well as one’s own motivation, is critical for managers in any organisation. That is, motivation (or a lack of it) has a significant impact on job performance.
The starting point for this assignment is the exercise: Are you motivated to work hard at your studies? (Wood et al., 2013, p.114). You are required to complete this exercise as part of the assignment as this will give you a good understanding of your motivation, and the Vroom’s expectancy theory.
A) Use the understanding of your motivation, gained in the previous exercise, to explain and reflect your expectancy, instrumentality and valence assumptions in the work context.
B) Discuss differences among employees in terms of valence, including extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. What are the implications that these differences have on success of strategies that managers use to motivate employees?
C) Which two motivation strategies would you recommend to managers to use to motivate their employees? Appraise and explain how these strategies may contribute towards the satisfaction and productivity of organisational members.
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