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For this assignment, you will write a descriptive essay about a monster of  your own creation. Your first step will be to generate a list of ten characteristics common to monsters. Then, you will plan and write a  descriptive essay including the following: what the monster looks like, what

the monster eats, where the monster lives, and what the monster’s  personality is like. In your essay, you need to use sensory descriptions and  imagery to describe your monster. See the following rubric:

Ten item list appears at the top of the assignment submission Ten item list uses descriptive language (See theDescriptive Language  website for more information about descriptive language).

Essay contains a clear introductory paragraph.

Three supporting paragraphs answer questions about what the monster

looks like, what the monster eats, where the monster lives, and what the

monster’s personality is like.

Essay contains strong sensory descriptions and vivid imagery.

Essay contains a clear concluding paragraph.

12-point Arial or Times New Roman font

Double spaced

One inch margins

Any text cited appropriately

Essay is free of spelling or word use errors.

Essay contains a mixture of simple, complex, and compound/complex

sentence structure.

Essay is free of run-on sentences or sentence fragments.

All punctuation is used appropriately.

All proper nouns and the beginnings of sentences are capitalized


All other standard English grammar, punctuation, and spelling are  followed.







Student’s name:

Institution’s name:

















Monsters have the following characteristics; scary, big, hairy, ugly, dark, has a scowl and is associated with nightmares. Monsters eat people especially at night. However, it is only dangerous when one intrudes into its residential places which are normally deep into the forests or in the caves. Its big size enables it to overcome any form of resistance from people and other wild animals. It is also believed that monsters are sometimes invisible. Monsters also disguise themselves to be human beings or other animals such as cats. It can disguise itself to be beautiful lady only to find that it is not actually a human being. The creature can drop its cloak and reveal its scaly body. It height is higher than that of a grown man (Poole, 2011). Usually, it has a blue-green skin with a yellow abdomen when it is in the light. The monster looks ugly with long claws and elongated head with a long mouth with dozens of sharp teeth protruding from it.

Monsters have varied personalities depending on the prevailing circumstances. However, they are known to be rough and unfriendly. It is a form that excites horror through mitigating wickedness and cruelty to other animal forms. They hurt people to the point of killing them. The monsters combine the features of animal and human form. As earlier stated, it is said to be a legendary animal combining various forms such as centaur, griffin and sphinx (Poole, 2011). In fact, no human being can stand on its way simply because of its frightening nature.

In conclusion, the physical characteristics of a monster are adaptive for its nature of life. This is suitable depending on where it lives, what it eats and its personalities. It is worthy to note that monsters normally work towards mitigating wickedness and cruelty either to other animals and human beings. It aims at destroying and killing without a mere hesitation.



Poole, W. (2011). Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and the           Haunting. Waco, Texas: Baylor.


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