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Assignment Description: Throughout the course of this term we have discussed the significance of monsters in visual culture, paying special attention to the categories of knowledge and law they by definition violate, and the social, moral, and technological anxieties that circulate around them as a result. Your task in this assignment is to write an essay that addresses this broad theme by responding to one of the three prompts listed below, but all papers should meet the general requirements laid out for the assignment regardless of the chosen topic. The goal of this assignment is to synthesize the skills of close formal analysis and essay writing that you’ve practiced in class and in assignments, and to demonstrate your ability to engage the basic themes and concepts important to the class in a creative but substantive way, so try to pick a topic that allows you to showcase these skills and read the criteria and questions carefully.

General Requirements & Criteria


Ÿ All papers should be 1500-2300 words in length, not including any notes or bibliography—approximately 6-8 pages in 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced with standard margins.

Ÿ Engage in a substantive way with at least two peer-reviewed sources of scholarship—at least one of which must come from outside the list of assigned readings—and cite these sources properly using MLA or Chicago style. Consult the LibGuide on Blackboard for help if you need it.


Ÿ Present a clear, compelling thesis statement supported by evidence and examples drawn from the analysis of relevant visual and written texts (i.e., scenes and/or quotations from articles).


Ÿ Emphasize the use of close formal analysis as part of your argument.


Ÿ You can discuss any monster film or TV show that allows you to address the criteria of the assignment and course-related themes, but papers should not repeat a close formal analysis performed in class. That said, the close analysis of stylistic motifs and themes that we perform together in class each week—along with the examples that inform the arguments of assigned essays—should provide a helpful model for the kind of analysis called for in this assignment.


Ÿ Your paper should be well written and free of errors. Incorrect or missing citations will affect the mark the paper receives. If you need help with these formatting styles, you can find clear explanations of them and other helpful information about writing and research at:




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