Monologue Project

| October 28, 2015

This is a monologue there’s a three part of it separate this is the first one is written character analysis like what you see in the paper that I upload that due in October 30th.
The professorgive us some questions he believed it will help us: no need to answer it.
1- I like to be called?
2- 5 facts about me?
3- my name is?
4- 5 things i’m into?
5- one thing no one know about me is?
6- 5 favorite movies?
75 favorite actor?
8- when people first meet me they think?
9my greatest fear is?
10I hope, I wish, I dream?
11- 5 favorite people are?
12- when I’m alone I?

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Moral, religion: Christian
Monologue Project


Category: Theatre

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