Monograph and Business Plan of Design Collection

| February 16, 2014

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1. Personal monograph:
Based on the given of clothes style (actually total 15 sets of clothes, but the left are same style with the given ones) to recommend my design, style, who suit for the products and the proper sales places. More important, the monograph recommendation should be very attractive and interesting. For example, the monograph should make company interested with my designs before see the real items.
Those pictures are designed by myself, the task is to introduce and recommend the designs, such as the creative idea, inspiration, the conception and all attractive aspects. All of these should be written in Fashion Art area.
Monograph needs 500 words. Do not need pictures in text, only need description of the designs.
2. Business Plan.
Based on the given example and fabric manipulation file, discuss the business plan in depth. It is needed pictures analysis in text. For example, when you talk about the products market, it is required the related pictures of markets, such as harvey Nichols, DSM and etc. All pictures are needed references or sources.
Other details please check the attached files and handout.
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