Monmouth University Playa Bowl Company Evaluation Paper Classmates and I were assigned with a project to evaluate the company ‘Playa Bowls’. There are 6 se

Monmouth University Playa Bowl Company Evaluation Paper Classmates and I were assigned with a project to evaluate the company ‘Playa Bowls’. There are 6 sections that need to be completed. I attached a document showing examples of how long and what the sections are. Please do not copy the examples on the word document attached put it in your own words and update the content. Don’t write too much these are not essays write around the same amount as the examples. 1. Recommendations -Noah
Example- Recommendations:
Our group had various recommendations for the company. Most importantly, we think that
Playa Bowls must implement a strict structure for franchisees to follow. As the company continues
to expand and grow, it is essential that they do not lose sight of their roots and their values.
Currently, they are corporately structured to operate a small-scale business model. As the company
expands, they need to implement a plan that will help them structurally oversee and manage all
operations efficiently and effectively.
One way we suggest they achieve this is by incorporating some vertical structure to their
corporate business. They can do so by having a more organized platform for the executive team.
They must alter their current structure in a way that allows for better management all while staying
focused on their flat-natured culture that their customers have grown to love. Or group felt as
though Playa Bowls would benefit best from this new structure.
As the company continues to grow, new related products (like poke bowls, smoothies,
soups, and oatmeal) will cut costs and strengthen the brand. This is so because management will
easily be able to translate their customer’s wants and needs into the products that are sold in stores.
Overall, the company should develop six strong business units including operations,
marketing and public relations, accounting, legal, supply chain, and research and development.
Future State – Noah
Example- Future State:
Once Playa Bowls has successfully dominated market share domestically, they will start
their expansion internationally. Since the franchise has grown into over 50 stores over the past two
years, it is safe to say that the international expansion is right around the corner.
With such expansions underway, the company must assure that they have a headquarter
set up prior to the opening of the international stores. It is especially important for them to have a
headquarters since they are new to the franchise and international. Their structure must be
pristine in order to assure success. A headquarters will also help to ensure that the stores
maintain its culture that the customers have grown to love.The Playa Bowls brand was built on
the “Pineappleland” experience and must be sure to keep that brand strong internationally.
3. Expectations -Noah
Example – Expectations:
Our groups expectations for Playa Bowls continues its rapid growth and take over of the
industry. It is anticipated that Playa Bowls achieves it goal of becoming a full on nationwide
company. That goal seems easily achievable considering they have 65 locations all across the
globe they have already partially achieved their goal and will continue to fully do so. The fact
that they were not just willing to settle just on the east coast but to go nationwide shows the
culture and the confidence of the company as a whole. Like we said previously the skys the limit
the limit for Playa Bowls and they are going to achieve their goal of continuing to grow
4. Value Chain Analysis -Noah
Example –
Value Chain Analysis
The value chain analysis pertains to the internal activities a business engages in when
converting inputs into outputs. Primary activities add value directly to the business and support
activities add value indirectly. Playa Bowls primary activities can be segmented into four areas;
sales, marketing, supply chain, and operations. These functions can be handled by the founders
and don’t have to be outsourced. For example, co-founder Robert Giuliani handles most of the
operations of the business, including finding locations and acquiring new storefronts. Similarly,
Abby Taylor, another co-founder, handles the creative aspects of the brand such as their social
media accounts and marketing strategies. Much of their business depends on the Brazilian
suppliers of acai which is one of the major cost drivers of their products.
To increase supporting activities, Playa Bowls are seek to develop acai farms in the U.S.
By doing so they would decrease their dependence on international suppliers. When recruiting
employees, Human Resources goes to social media platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn.
In addition, the brand utilizes an applicant tracking system through their website. New
employees must participate in training up to two weeks. Playa Bowls outsources their accounting
to a firm, however, the financials and contract negotiations of the company are also watched by
such top managers as Giuliani and Gary Moss. The final support activity is firm infrastructure
which looks at the processes, policies, and procedures of each store.
5. Competencies -Noah
Example – Competencies & Capabilities
A company’s core competencies are particular strengths ingrained into a business’s
culture and operations. These are extremely crucial in achieving and maintaining a firm’s
competitive advantage. Playa Bowls offers a unique experience like no other and provides
customers with an unmatched experience, this is their competitive advantage. By offering a
healthy and fresh menu, Playa Bowls can create values to those who are seeking alternatives to
fast food. Since they are now also formulating their own acai, this will give them even more
control over their product and potential recipes, thus strengthening their core competencies.
6. Summary of Recommendations -Noah
Example – Summary of Recommendations
Since the first pop-up stand opened in Belmar, Playa Bowls has been the most popular
healthy food options for the younger generation. The founders of the company are under thirty
years old and the young management team has been able to design the flat organizational
structure to give the employees the chance to play a significant role in further developing the
company and its culture. However, with the company recording over $50 million in revenue in
under 5 years, Playa Bowls is well into their franchising process causing their original flat
organizational structure to no longer be as effective. Because of this Playa Bowls’ management
team recently took the necessary steps to begin integrating a vertical business structure by hiring
for more corporate like positions such as VP of Business Development and Operations and a
CFO. Obviously Rob and Abby, the two founders, act as CEO and CMO running the whole
business from the top as everything gets reported to them. As they continue to franchise and
grow nationally, this vertical business structure will help each franchise report to the necessary
management who is responsible for each of the six business units that they will need to further
develop. Some of the areas that they will need to scale while their business keeps growing
includes an operations team, marketing/PR team, accounting team, legal team, supply chain
team, and research & development team. All Playa Bowls employees have always been equally
included which gives them the chance to share thoughts and ideas to executive management.
The young management teams encourage feedback and listen to other innovative ideas
employees come up with and that has been a main reason for the trendsetting success. This
aspect of Playa Bowls business has given them an advantage over their competitors and as they
continue to grow, we recommend they do not lose site of this important quality. If the
employees continue working in an environment where they feel like their thoughts and ideas are
valued by quickly growing management teams, then they will continue successful growth.

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