Moffitt's Approach and Developmental Theories Policy Implications

| February 12, 2014

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Chapter 12: Developmental/Life Course
Read chapter 12: Developmental/Life Course Perspective of Criminality.
This chapter explores the life course of individual offending. Its focus is on how the individual engages as a young person, what are precipitating factors as to why individuals quit offending, if someone engages as a young person how frequently do they offend, and considers the factors present in those that continue a career of crime versus those who engage for a short period of time and then desist.
These theories focus is on the actor of the crime from a micro prospective.
Question 1: Moffitt’s Approach
Given Moffitt’s dichotomy of life-course persistent and adolescence-limited offenders, discuss both and then indicate which of these should be given more attention in research and why?
Using the argument you presented in your response and material from the textbook.
Question 2: Developmental Theories Policy Implications
Numerous policy considerations can evolve using the developmental theories of criminality. The book presents and argument for universal health care as a policy to address criminality. a) Explain how Schram and Tibbetts support such a policy. b) What would be the challenges for implementing such a policy?
c) Discuss other policy implications for developmental theories that you support, include in this discussion the theoretical base for your support.
Using the argument you presented in your response and material from the textbook.
Required Text Book:?1. Introduction to Criminology: Why Do They Do It? By Pamela J. Schram, Stephen G. Tibbetts. (Only Text)
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