Module 10

| October 16, 2015

This is Assignment 1 Part B – Case World – James Bates online forum (from Modules 3-11)
Length: 200 words
The assignment is divided into 3 parts (200 words + or – 10% for each one) and I have requested all of them in separate orders.
This order is related to module 10
You will notice that this assignment also requires 100 words of response to other student after the submission of 200 word initial response to module content. Please ignore that one because i need the 200 words first and later on I will order the 100 words.
In details:
Assignment 1 Part B – Case World – James Bates online forum (Modules 10)
For this assignment students are to consult with Case World and the experience of James Bates, a first year new graduate registered nurse. James kept a diary for the first months of his transition to professional practice (TPPP) and recorded a series of reflections, critical incidents and scenarios in which he was involved.
Successful completion requires that students choose 3 modules (from Modules 3-11) found in the study plan, complete the activities and contribute their answers to the forum questions for CPD and TPPP consideration, linking them to James Bates experience and contributing to the discussion forum (200 words). Students will only be able to see the contribution of other participants in their class after they have made an initial contribution per module. Students are then to provide 100 words of responses to other students.
Here are the rules for the forum:
• Refer to the forum questions for CPD & TPPP considerations below, the activities in each of your chosen modules and link the experience of James Bates from Case World when contributing.
• Please make a 200 word initial contribution that answers the forum questions linking the experience of James Bates, per chosen module.
• Contributions to the forum must include a brief background and explanation to provide context with regard to James. This is required for each of your chosen modules.
Forum questions for CPD & TPPP considerations:
1. Discuss one strategy from each of your chosen 3 modules (i.e. 3 strategies required) that would be considered during transition to professional practice.
2. State rationale for choosing the strategy.
3. Discuss how this strategy is applicable to your 5 year continuing professional development plan.
4. State how this learning will change your practice.
5. Provide a minimum of one source of evidence demonstrating the benefits to your career from the literature.
Important structures:
• Use the first person ‘I‘
• Two references are required
• Both text and list Referencing are required. Kindly follow the attached university referencing guidelines
• Age of references: references should less than 5 years preferably be old.
• Requested Sources: recent (5 years or less) academic sources, majorly scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles, text books can be utilized
• Suggested Sources:
1. Chang, & J Daly, Transitions in nursing: preparing for professional practice, 3rd edn, Elsevier, Sydney
2. The sources listed can be used by the researcher. (Attached)
Please follow the Marking rubric.
In order to make its instructions clear, I have uploaded all the documents that you need for this paper.
Please see the attached files:
1st: Questions and Content Marking Guide for Assignment 1 – Part B
2nd: Study plan: Module 10
3rd: James Bates- Full diary
4th: The referencing guide.
6th: Some resources that cited in Module 10 study plan

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